17th November 2018
Fundraising event planned at the New Gurkha Inn

 10th November 2018
Another successful plant giveaway by Grow for Talgarth

Thank you  to everyone who supported the Plant Give Away in the town square on Saturday 20th October. Donations received amounted to £73.25 of which every penny will go towards more plants for the town. 

The next Plant Give Away will be in April 2019.

24th September 2018 

Grow for Talgarth news.............. is blooming marvellous

For the second year running Talgarth was shortlisted in the Cultivation Street community garden competition. This year only four communities out of the whole of Wales and Northern Ireland were shortlisted. Cultivation Street is a national campaign where communities are recognised for revitalising their streets and drawing communities together through gardening activities.  The community of Talgarth’s response to this campaign has been overwhelming through the making and painting of planters, growing seeds and plants, planting, weeding, organising fund raising activities, watering during the summer drought and the garden weekly ‘workouts’ to encourage healthy lifestyles. The end result has been a town full of flowers and smiles. So it’s onward and upward for Talgarth: as one one resident stated ‘we’ll do even better next year’.

26 June 2018
Our Pick Your Own is now ready for picking! 


16th June 2018
Grow for Talgarth have been awarded Gardening Heroes of the week by Cultivation Street - see their message below:
"A big well done to you and your team, you have been named as Garden Heroes of the Week. Please find your certificate attached. This is just an opportunity for us to recognise the efforts of a school, community group, or garden centre ambassador each week – and this week you guys have been chosen. So a big well done and keep up the hard work.  
Alice Whitehouse / Cultivation Street Campaign Executive"

 4th May 2018
Grow for Talgarth have been featured in the Cultivation Street website newsletter!

See the link below for details:

The Grow for Talgarth team have started clearing  the piece of land by the Cantonese takeaway. What a mess! 3 bags of rubbishy were lurking underneath all the overgrown foliage! A big thanks to Mr Ho who came out, gave some advice and even put a T&DR jacket on and did some digging! One more session and it should be ready to be prepared for planting.

Look out for the "after" photos soon...


   CULTIVATION STREET - this year's opportunity!

After being so close last year to winning a slice of the money we have entered the community garden section in Cultivation Street again this year. This competition is about rewarding communities for looking after and taking a pride in their neighbourhoods.

We are extending our community garden using the piece of land opposite Glanennig to grow vegetables and strawberries as well as building some more planters along the riverbank.

 All those SUNFLOWER seeds that are being planted by many people around the town and in neighbouring districts will all be planted hopefully making the most amazing display.

We can all be part of this campaign by keeping our town tidy and having as many flowers around as possible.

Grow for Talgarth has submitted an application for the Elspeth Thompson Bursary - we are awaiting the outcome.

£185 was made on the Tombola at the Christmas market. Many thanks for all who donated some great prizes. 

More events are coming soon - check this page again soon! 

Our first year of the community garden has been a great success.
Local residents have enjoyed picking and eating the strawberries, courgettes, herbs and beans. The tomatoes could have been better! Our Facebook page which was launched earlier this year has been well supported and it has been really heartening to read all the encouraging comments. We also had a table with the Mill on several Saturdays throughout September and October giving away our combined surplus produce which was very well received.

The overarching success, we think, this year has been the spectacular sunflowers along the riverside. We planted dwarf seeds but they turned out to be anything but dwarf sized plants. What a fortunate mistake! We hope to have many more around the town next year.

On our Wednesday weekly gardening work outs we evidenced many selfies taken by visitors and local people alongside the sunflowers and had very many positive comments about the visual impact of them and also about all the planters around town generally. Those comments make our efforts so worthwhile.


We reported in May that this summer we were going to take part in the Cultivation Street competition that recognises and rewards communities for looking after their streets. This was a national competition and we competed against the whole of Wales and Northern Ireland. Well, we did not win but heard from the Old Railway Line Garden Centre, who are our local ambassadors for Cultivation Street, that we had a very strong entry. We are waiting for the official feedback, so we know how to improve, as we intend to enter again next year. Excellent news was that we again had three winners from Talgarth in the local Doorstep Challenge competition and particular congratulations to Jo from the Carpenters Shop who won first prize for the second year running.

Another plant ‘give away’ stall in the town square on Saturday 14th October raised £83 in donations and this money has purchased Spring bulbs and plants for the planters. We intend to have another plant ‘give away’ in early Spring 2018.

Our plans for next year, dependent on funding, are:

  • To have more planter boxes, adjoining the existing ones along the riverside
  • To have more sunflowers around the town
  • To design and plant and area of the riverbank

To keep up to date with our news please return to this site and visit and the Facebook page (Grow for Talgarth). If you would like any more information and/or would like to get involved please contact Rosie 712223

Above: just a sample of the work done so far - the group has received lots of compliments by locals, passers-by and visitors who are really impressed with their work. 

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? The group meets outside the town hall at 2.30pm each Wednesday - anyone is welcome to join in and help out. 

Below, Rosie Williams of the Grow for Talgarth sub-group explains how the group came about and what it does. It's also part of Grow for Talgarth's entry for Cultivation Street - a national competition that recognises and rewards communities that are caring for their streets.

"Our project really only began last year.

The town of Talgarth is in the heart of the Black Mountains set in the most beautiful countryside. Talgarth Mill, positioned in the town square which had been decline for many years was awarded lottery funding and is now a working water mill, milling and selling flour and has become a unique tourist attraction. Although privately owned by my husband he has leased it, for his lifetime, for a peppercorn rent to be a community asset and resource.

A group of us  from the Talgarth and District Regeneration volunteer group who are keen gardeners felt that the town square could be greatly enhanced through greenery and colour... so that initially gave us a focus for our project.

Having no funding at all we approached local farmers for any potential planters. We had an amazing response, acquiring 5 large old feeding troughs that we renovated and painted. A local resident found another on Freecycle. We agreed that to have a combination of perennial plants and annuals would be more sustainable and hopefully we would achieve colour and foliage for longer than just the summer season. So these were placed around the town and planted and although last season they provided some colour, five seemed rather lost in the town square.

So, in one of our meetings in early January we discussed how could we grow, in every sense of the word, our existing project. Grow for Talgarth became our name and our motto and we were going to strive to create an environment around town that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but a project that could include our community. Our target was to increase the plants, flowers and hanging baskets around town and also grow vegetables and herbs for our community to help themselves.

It was then we decided to enter Cultivation Street, one to be part of a national campaign and also the thought of winning some money to support our project was very inviting. However, how were we going to find the money this year to meet our target? Well the moment we began discussing this in the streets, with local people, shop keepers and businesses we were inundated with offers. Offers of money to buy wood for new planters, a building company offering topsoil and numerous people offered to donate plants and grow bedding plants for us.  One resident volunteered his services to make planters free of charge. Another local resident, an avid gardener, immediately offered to grow on plug plants and plant out all the hanging baskets and we have sold eight to local businesses, at cost price, who were really agreeing to buy into the project. A plant ‘give away’ morning was organised in April in collaboration with the Old Railway Line Garden Centre, our local ambassadors for Cultivation Street. They were fantastic in helping us advertise the morning in designing posters and flyers. We just had so many offers of perennial plants from local people, more than we actually needed for the planters so it was those we were going to be giving away. This was so successful and well received and we raised £120 from donations towards the project and this was used to purchase more wood for more planters. My husband also got involved in making up the planters and painting them!

All the plants that have now been planted have been grown, nurtured and donated by the community. It has been great to see youngsters getting involved in the planting and offering  to water the planters. We have a Grow for Talgarth weekly workout to plant, weed, tidy up, where anybody is welcome to join us.  This so often results in a delightful chat to the many passers-by that stop and tell us that they love what is happening in town and what a difference it is making. That has made it worth it so far. We are now looking forward to when the community can enjoy tasting the tomatoes, beans, strawberries, courgettes and herbs rather than just looking at them.

We hope Grow for Talgarth will grow even bigger next year!"

Grow for Talgarth has its own Facebook page - visit it for regular updates. 



See Rosie Williams and Sue Phair from the group speak to Cultivation Street below!